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Together with the JH Boards, Marko was planning on doing a special Limited Edition. But the unexpected happened. We all had to come to grips with the fact that this exceptional person was no longer with us. Less than a year after this tragic event, we agreed to carry out the project that will help his message and spirit to live on. Together, we created four skate board designs that embody the spirit of the Grilc family – one design for each family member.

grilo JHB-58.jpg

GrilMaster LTD x BURTON

Grilo’s impact on snowboarding is still felt a year after his passing. Just a week before his fatal accident, Burton was discussing inspiration and crucial shape developments for a special snowboard called the
Gril Master. As a father that integrated parenting with his love of riding, Grilo wanted a product that would combine his passion for community, snowboarding, and family. He envisioned the Gril Master as
a board that could cruise with the family or open up for a solo lap while the kids ate fries at the lodge.

“I know Grilo looked forward to creating a board for dads. He wanted to combine his two families—ours and Burton—in one board. That made him  the happiest man alive.”

Grilc passed before he could finalize the design, but Burton didn’t want to leave his passion project unfinished. There was one clear option: invite The Grilo Gang to complete his vision. Burton sent us two large, blank board canvases and asked the kids to draw the top sheet. To honor their father’s memory, they portrayed the story of Grilo’s career and his final ascent to the stars.

“It’s daddy snowboarding (first big air, then slopestyle), then he goes to the stars, and out of the star comes Alaska, his youngest daughter. The black footprints are hers. The arrow from the window show that if you go high enough in the mountains and look out the window, you can see daddy’s star."

One hundred Gril Master boards will be available for purchase on November 23, exclusively through in North America, Europe and Japan.


Grilo Shop

Grilo’s family created an online shop and foundation to uphold Grilo's
spirit and legacy. sells merch and hosts action sports events to introduce young families to the joy of standing sideways in the mountains.

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