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When creating any item at this shop, the most important thing is to make sure it describes Grilo, honors his legacy and him as a person, and supports the slogan ‘’Wear it the way Grilo would’’.


With the MG4EVR bracelet collection we wanted to create something that not only Grilo would love and approve of, but something that held a special meaning and could add to something we stood behind and believed in as a family.


The Chill foundation was always one organization that we admired and loved so much, so we wanted to find a way to support it.


We created these beautiful bracelets, that can honor the memory of Grilo and also help young individuals overcome life struggles, get out on the snow and experience the joys of snowboarding the way we do.


That’s why a percentage of the sales generated from each bracelet will go towards the Chill Foundation, to help bring young individuals from challenging circumstances closer to snowboarding and enable them to grow in the process.


Thank you for helping us keep GriLOVE strong.

MG4EVR Bracelet

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